Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shea Butter Mix Recipe

Shea Butter Mix prior to blending

During my 6 week no buy challenge I decided that as I began to run out of each product I would start making them at home. Not just to save money but to have better control of the ingredients in my products. I happened to read the label of the store bought shea butter mix I was using and almost choked on the water I was drinking (healthy me;)when I got to the 3rd and 4th ingredient. Luckily I was almost out of shea butter anyway. So in making my own I KNOW without a doubt whats in it and that its ingredients that I want in my hair. Also, the ingredients I used cost less than $5 per batch and yielded 16oz- twice as much as the 8 oz jar of store bought shea butter I had but for half the price!

Here is what I used:
5oz Raw Shea butter: Its rich in vitamin A & E, rich in moisture and absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue.
3 oz Virgin Coconut Oil: It minimizes protein loss & replaces the natural oils your hair loses on a regular basis.
1tbsp Grapeseed Oil: Very lightweight oil. Contains poly phenols (antioxidants) which slow the process of aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Helps prevent clogged pores.
1tbsp Vegetable Glycerin: Very beneficial moisturizing properties and strengthens the hair. Makes breakage less likely. (key word LESS, not non existent)
1tbsp Avocado Oil: I use avocado oil in everything...EVERYTHING lol. Has nutrients that are essential for hair growth and nourishment (vitamin A, D, E, B6, magnesium, & folic acid, & more)
.5tsp Tea tree oil: helps increase the health of hair follicles
5 drops of lavendor oil: Fragrance

The end result

Light, fluffy, and made by ME!=)


Conscious Bride said...

Kudos! I love that you're exploring the natural side of things and polyphenols are "where its at"! LOL!

CurlyAndLovely said...

I'm having fun with it and saving some cash! My plan is to be on all natural products by May.

Jarmelia said...

Yay!! You know I love whipping up shea butter! Have you tried it in your hair, yet? Do you like it? I was surprised when I started using shea butter, that is was not greasy at all. It melts right into my skin and hair.

CurlyAndLovely said...

My hair and I LOVE it! Nope, its not greasy at all and absorbs wonderfully. I'm having fun playing around with different recipes.

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