Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Marley Bun

So upon realizing that I can COMFORTABLY get my hair into a pony (i.e., not stretching or blowing out) I decided to give the Marley bun a try again. I'm loving it! I've been "bunnin' it" all week!

The style originated when I accidentally (yes by accident) installed mini-like twist in my hair. Don't ask... I had to figure out what to do with them/ how to style without having to deal with it every day. So the idea to pin them up and revisit the bun was born! My twists have been in for a week now. I think I'm gonna try for one more week, take them down,   The naturals at my job suggested that even though its cute I should atleast retwist the front and sides as they are frizzy now, then rock it for one more week, take them completely down, re-install mini-like twist (on purpose lol) and bun it again! It's an easy but cute style to maintain. Every 2 days or so I'll take the bun down, un-pin my hair so that I can moisturize and seal my twist and then pin it back up. I think you'll be seeing alot of variations of this marley bun on me...atleast until my own hair is long enough to bun. I'll try to be creative with it though so its no the same 'ol bun every week. Stay tuned!

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