Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fro Fashion Week Recap (Better late than never lol)

It's official! I've become one of those spoiled Atlanta naturals that gets to attend fabulous events simply because I now live in the "A." Be jealous!^_^ I can now add Fro Fashion Week to my list of events. I had the pleasure of attending Fro Fashion Week recently and it was everything and more than I thought it would be! There was fierce natural hair EVERY WHERE as well as positive vibes and lots of education.
The first workshop that I was able to attend was "How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil" instructed by Kiyomi Rollins, owner of The Good Hair Shop aka my hair stylist. Yes...I will post notes from the class so that you too can make your own coconut oil. I will never pay $9 for a jar of coco oil again if I can pay $1 and do it myself! Ill take that $8 and put it toward my gas tank funds lol.
Learning how to make our own coconut oil for a whopping total cost of $.89 (price of a coconut)
Next up was the blogger luncheon with guest speaker Afrobella...PHENOMENAL!!!! She gave tips on branding, networking, and most importantly, staying true to yourself. "Don't get caught up with the competition. Listen to YOU."
Patrice (@Afrobella) doing a Design Essentials interview
"Find your lane. You don't have to stay in it...just know it." Well said Patrice!!
I FINALLY got to meet some of my fellow bloggers and favorite tweeps! Left to right: Me (@CurlyandLovely), Imani (@TribeCalledCurl), Holly (@CurlRehab), Lawanda (@MsLawanda) and Daphne (@UneAutreNaturel) Such a pleasure and a blast to hang with them all!
In case you are wondering, yes Holly's personality matches that smile! ^_^
After all the events I've been to I FINALLY caught up with Stacy (@TheSistahChick) My life's mission is complete lol...wait, still have to catch up with Lola of @Lolasgreenhair
The next work shop I attended was the screening of Naturally Natural. Such an inspiring documentary! I refuse to believe that I was the only one who got teary eyed while watching it.
Naturally Natural Panel: a natural hair model, a natural hair meet up group coordinator and a natural hair salon owner.
Erica and Janelle...I randomly met them in the hallway after a workshop...and they randomly meet each other just a few minutes early lol. Instant bond! ^_^ Erica reminds me a lil bit of Whitney (@Naptural85), doesn't she?!
This is Jeannell, CEO of Coco Curls, an Atlanta based small business.  After trying her wonderful product she has my support! A review is in the works!
The view of Atlanta night sky line from the Penthouse Party
The Naturally Natural crew...that's Queen in the turquoise dress. She runs the production company documenting Naturally Natural. More details to come!
I WILL rock that style when my hair gets bigger! Love it! Oh, and the lady behind her with the fro did NOT use heat...she did scalp braids then took them out and picked her hair out. Hmmm, will have to try that!
Tarin (FFW Coordinator) and I at the Penthouse Party. I'm still amazed that someone so young (very early twenties I  think) is able to pull off great events like these! Kudos to her and her wonderful family that helped put it together!

This was not a "hair show"...so do not be fooled by the ridiculous amount of hair products I'm about to show you. I couldn't even fit it all into one picture!
Fro Fashion Week "swag" bag that every attendee received
Curls Unleashed product line
Design Essential samples
Full size bottle of Coco Curls Styling Aid
Full size bottle of JessiCurls DC...tried this before and loved it.
My prize from the Naturally Natural Twitter Giveaway. I won by having the best tweet as to why  I rock
"@CurlyandLovely I am natural and I rock because I finally had the courage to do what was best for Me! #naturally natural #naturalhair".....#POW
FULL line of Beautiful Textures...with a tshirt and YES that is a mix CD with  great songs to twist my hair to. Count down stays on repeat in my house lol.

All in all I had a great time and learned sooo much while I was there. I missed the Finale fashion show, and judging by my Twitter time line I definitely missed out! I look forward to the next Fro Fashion week and this time I WILL be in attendance on day two and the fashion show!


Happynappy2009 said...

Great post! I'm jelly!!!

Daphne said...

Reading this makes me remember how good the event was - great recap, can't wait 'til the next one!

Lawanda said...

It was so great to attend this event & meetup with my curlfriends. Can't wait to do it again! Great post.

TheSistahChick said...

Awesome Post! I had such a great time and It was so lovely meeting you.

Peace :-)

Melly, Yaya's Mom! said...

Great post! Sounds like you had an awesome time! :o)

Lola Zabeth said...

Great recap, wish I could have been there:( I will be at World Natural Hair Show and I will hunt you down (like I tried to do last show :)

Queen said...

Great recap!!! Im glad I got the chance to meet you and you won the Naturally Natural giveaway!!!! I wanted to keep the Bee Mine Products for myself! lol

CurlyAndLovely said...

@Shon: Sounds like you need to make it to the Hair Show in April;)
@Daphne @Lawanda @TheSistahChick It was SOOOOOO great meeting you lovely ladies! Can't wait to meet up again.
@Lola ...I am not above grabbing the mic from the DJ and paging you at the Hair Show...just ask TheSistahChick Lol
@Queen Im glad I won the Naturally natural giveaway too! I love that tote bag, I take it EVERYWHERE with me!!! Take care and the next time I see you I'll have the Bee Mine DC for you! Muah!!!

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