Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In The Chair With Yolanda Nicole

Hey Loves! Guess What! I got my hair twisted up today...kinky twists to be exact and I LOOOOOOVE them! *twirls around the house*

I went to see Yolanda (love that name;) at Celebrity Hair. I have a stylist that I see regularly but she specializes in holistic natural hair which is good for me cause it keeps my on the fence self grounded but from time to time I need to have a little fun and do unconventional things with my hair. Like blow outs with heat, weave installments and kinky twist!!! Soooooo I now have two lovely and talented stylist in my arsenal...one for my normal hair care needs and the other for the extra  fun stuff. YAY! Anybody else have TWO hair stylist?! No, just me? *shrugs*
Upon arriving I realized something: Yolanda agreed to meet with me on Monday since my schedule is so jacked up...The shop is closed on Monday. So she basically came in on her day off to hook me up. Business woman! April B (check her out http://yournaturalessence.webs.com/ )also popped in for a few with one of her clients...these ladies were grinding and loving up on some hair today!
I love the lay out of Celebrity hair. The ground level had a nicely decorated fancy boutique. Then downstairs is the actual salon. There were 8 trendy lil booths set up, a big screen TV with digital cable and LOTS of channels...that's important to me especially for a 5.5 hr session. Yes, that's how long it took to put the twists in. But I'm ok with that cause I ain' gotta do my hair for 6 weeks nah naaaah nah nah nahhhh!
The brand that we used is Femi...I love how close it is to my texture and I adore my dark natural hair color which the 1B blended with perfectly as well.

Yes...yes I took a pic of the wash bowl. Never seen one laid out like this but I really enjoyed the shampoo part. If we hadn't been chit chatting I might have fallen asleep I was soooo comfortable on that chair and my head didn't hang over the sink because there is a head rest IN the sink to catch the middle of your head. Am I easily amused? Maybe, but I thought it was a nice touch along with that comfy lounge chair that laid out like a massage table into the sink. YASSS!
I didn't have to sit under the dryer for my style (thank GAWD) but I really liked the set up. Never seen a hair dryer section like this!
Oh, and about Yolanda Nicole. Very sweet, funny and easy to talk to! I introduced her to CSI:Vegas with Warwick and his sexy self/natural hair and CSI:Miami with Eric and his sexy self. I wasn't checking for CSI:NY cause it's boring and Hill Harper doesn't do it for me. And of course there was plenty of natural hair talk. Hair care has been her passion since she was 9 years old and she has been in the salon for the past 9 years so of course I had to pick her brain on a few NH topics.
* She asked me about my hair story while we were at the shampoo bowl, which is awesome of her. Good stylist asks questions to get a feel for their client. She was shocked to her my story, as most people are. you all know I didn't CHOOSE to be natural, right? If you follow my blog then of course you know;).

*She has been natural all of her life except for a few years in high school. So of course I asked her how she felt about NH being such a "big deal" right now. "I don't really understand...all I have known for most of my life is my natural hair so I'm like 'This is my hair...I don't get the hype over something I was born with'. I also don't get all the guidelines and rules for being natural. Its hair, people should be able to have fun with it and do what they want to with it."

*What is your take on the YT guru's...good or bad for upcoming naturals? "Both...I understand and respect that there are people out that are skilled enough to grasp the concept of maintaining and styling their own hair and have it look good. Its good that they are able to share that info to help others BUT everyone is not able. Some people need some guidance with it. Its better to have assistance (stylist) than to walk around looking...*takes a deep breath* just making us [naturals]look bad."
What she meant was if you are going to DIY then do it right! No explanation needed LOL!

*So, ummm how do my ends look? *holds breath* You're good and they aren't snagging but you want to take care of them BEFORE they begin to snag and cause problems so I would suggest a trim when you take these twists down.

*See any breakage or abnormal shedding? Y'all know I'm paranoid about hair loss lol! "Nope, nothing in the comb. *picks up the comb to show it to me* "Why? Do you normally have a lot of hair come out?"
Not a lot but any kind of hair coming out freaks me out normal or not.
"Well, you have to remember that you are going to lose hair regardless..that's normal just keep an eye out to make sure its not excessive. AND make sure you are gentle with your hair and not RIPPING it out." *hangs head cause I know I'm not as gentle detangling as I should be...*

*Warwick on CSI:Vegas...is that a Wash 'N Go or a twist out (serious question)? LOL! Its probably a twist out...in Hollywood that's usually the way they rock it.

As you can see we had fun. It will be a lil bit before I get to go back :(. These twists are in for 6 weeks then in April I see my other stylist for the World Natural Hair Show for a braided up do with just my hair (why do I feel like I'm in a polygamous  marriage  between my hair and my hair stylists lol). So some time in May I'll get to have Yolanda love up on my curls again with another bad girl 'do. Looking forward!!!
If you are in the Atlanta area or just passing through be sure to check Yolanda Nicole out at www.yolandanicole.yolasite.com or if you have questions about hair care catch her on Twitter @yolanda_nicole Tell her I said heyyyyyyy!
So what I NEED to know is which one of my lovely Atlanta naturals is going to come to my Kinky Twist Removal Party in April and help me take down these twists! Seriously...I'll pay in wine and hair products!! ***Serious inquires only please*** LOL...

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