Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coco Curls Spring Trends Recap

I recently had the pleasure of attending another great event. Ah, the life of an Atlanta naturalista! Spring Trends was presented by Coco Curls at the lovely Iwi Garden Day Spa.
I was greeted by these to lovely ladies at the front door...took me an hour to get up the nerve to ask for a picture though which of course they were stoked. 
Jeannell demonstrating how to apply Coco Curls and style with it.
A few general hair care tips that she discussed during this process:
*Frizz means that your hair needs more moisture. So keep your kinks and curls moisturized to avoid the dreaded "Frizz monster"
*You can use heat responsibly and STILL be considered natural.
*If a product DRIES white in your hair then you used too much OR your hair wasn't wet enough to absorb it  when using it.
*Porosity test: take a piece of SHED hair and drop it into a glass of water. If it sinks immediately its high porosity (soaks up water/product quickly), if it floats then its low porosity (doesn't absorb water/product very fast), and if it slowly sinks then its normal porosity (hair absorbs product at a normal rate). Good to know!
*FYI Coco Curls Tutorial videos will be coming soon! Yay!!!
That's DJ Rasyrious in the background with that fierce fro on the1's & 2's. Check her out at
DiAsha (Hair Care Specialist) discussing healthy hair care practices with us.
*clears throat* Yes, the lovely DiAsha has natural hair too. Just so happens to be straightened, and I might add beautifully done so! Some tips we recevied from DiAsha:
*Wash days need to be every 6-7 days 
*Naturally curly hair requires more trims BECAUSE the natural oils produced by the scalp dont make it to the ends due to the curly, coily pattern of the hair, which means the ends dont recieve as much natural protection as they should. Which means they've got to go! 
If you have any questions you can find her at
*The difference between a regular blow out/flat iron and a dominican blow out/flat iron: with regular blow outs the hair is straightened with a blow dryer then smoothed with a flat iron with ONE pass. A dominican blow out does SEVERAL passes of the flat iron over the hair at high temperatures....dangerous!
If you have any questions you can find her at
I know I said I wasnt going to buy anything that day but I lied! Lol! 

Another view of my ring from Carsima Designs. How cute! 
I recognized the face of the creator of Carsima Designs but couldnt put the name with it because the hair was throwing me off. I finally realized that it was T. Marie whom I met at Fro Fashion Week. Her hair was braided up into a funky, stylish updo last time I saw her so seeing her with her gorgeous hair down and framing her face threw me She is really sweet and has some great jewlery designs. Be sure to check her out at Be sure to tell her I said "Hi"!!!

And of course, I came up on another bottle of Coco Curls Styling Cream. I love to share so I think I'll do another giveaway. Check out this post for the details ~~>>"Coco Curls Giveaway...Again!"

There was also a make up panel with Jazmine of Fashion To Rouge and Bridgette Gant. Beautiful ladies with great personalities and lots of knowledge to share!
Some great tips the ladies shared with us:
*For oily skin use oil free moisturizer that wont clog pores, exfoliate 3-4wks during the summer, and use blotting tissues to help absorb excess oil. Good natural skin care lines are Shea Moisture, Neutrogena and Boscia
*When choosing make up chose color tones for your skin tone. Determine what skin tone 1st: warm or cool.
*First things to buy as a rookie: 1. powder 2. foundation 3. eye liner 4. Lipstick
*For false lashes use medium 47 length HUMAN hair. You can do strips at home but use professional services for individual lashes.
*For oily skin you may need to powder to help absorb the extra oil.

All in all I had a great time and learned alot! I also had a another "Hey, you look familiar moment!" from another natural that recognized me via Twitter and my blog. That seems to happen in Atlanta way more than it did in little ol' Jacksonville, FL. The fellow naturalista turned out to be Chimere of . She is a stylist here in Atlanta and was very pleasant to chat with. I look forward to the next Coco Curls Event!

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