Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012 World Natural Hair Show

This was the 3rd WNHS that I have attended and each event has been a different experience for me. The 1st one was the excitement of being around sooooo many other naturals and SO many vendors and products. Yes, my haul was crazy that year lol. My next visit was still an experience but a little different. I was still focused on the products *hangs head* but I also made it a point to meet as many people as possible. This time though was a little different, starting with me waking up late. Every time I have attended I have been in the parking lot and at the doors by 9:30AM with minimal drama.So this year when I WOKE UP at 9:30 AM I knew it was going to be an ordeal. I scrambled to get ready as raced as fast as possible without the chances of getting to the Venue. I got to the Venue by 10:15 but sat in heavy traffic at the intersection for 45 minutes fearing for my life, not exaggerating. At one point I got stuck in the MIDDLE of a 5 point intersection for the longest 5 minutes of my life. Next time I will park across the street at the airport parking and walk. Its faster, its cheaper and Lawd knows its SAFER. As I finally walked through the front doors I got a text from my friend saying "Where ARE you?!" As I was texting back to say I was heading towards will call I looked up to see her standing in this horribly long line to PURCHASE a ticket:
It was the homie Kela looking fabulous as always. This was our 3rd WNHS together and our "1 yr anniversay of meeting curl friend to curlfriend" lol. After a warm greeting (and giving her the side eye for not pre-ordering a ticket) I left her in the line that she would spend over an hour in and headed to will call where I spent 25 min. When I got inside I aimlessly wondered around til my partner in crime was able to get in. While wandering I came across Queen (pictured below).
 I stopped her to ask her if I could take a picture of her Sisterlocks. She gave me a very stern and serious look and said "These are NOT Sister locks. I have TRADITIONAL locs." Then she paused, smiled and said "But yes, you may take a picture of my traditional locs." I realized that I was about to get schooled and what I later found out that is she is a hairstylist (hence the educating tone of voice:). She explained that Sisterlocs are started with a tool and sorta weaves the hair together against its natural curl pattern, leaving holes throughout the locs which is why a lot of women complain of breakage when they are trying to start SL's. Traditional locs do not use a tool to start them hence there are no holes through the locs making it stronger and less likely to break off. Hmmmm, interesting. Just when I thought school was over one of her clients walked up.
 This is Ina, one of her clients. 
Ina informed me that Queen's number rule for her as a client is to not let ANYONE touch her locs. "You don't know where their hands have been, especially on days like today when EVERYONE is dealing with and handling money." Makes sense! Thank you ladies for the helpful info!

As I said earlier, this year was not about product hauling for me...I'm over that. In fact here is what I "hauled" if you can even call it that:

I came here KNOWING that I was stopping by KurleeBelle's booth to get my racer back tank top that I told her I wanted. I also ended up with Oyin Whipped Pudding and Sugar Berries Pomade on a whim. "But Landa..I thought you were on a no buy." I am! But its a long story on how I even ended up at the booth to begin with and...well its Oyin for natural hair's sake! And of course I scored some samples: Taliah Waajid, Beautiful Textures, and Mizani.
Speaking of Taliah Waajid, while playing at that booth I saw some awesome hair:
 Traditional locs.....
 Two strand twists and a twisted up do....
and YEP! that is a high loc'd bun WITH a fade. Sure is...
And its safe to say that I was on a bit of an afro kick that day:

Hair styling demo at the As I Am booth
How 'bout I took a picture of  CHICandKINKYand didn't know that was her til i got home!!! UGH! *wall slides*
Look who I found in the Camille Rose booth doing what PJ's do best!
From left to right @MBeautyJunkie, @ColiyHeadChick, @CurlyKimmyStar, & the lil nautralista in the front rockin' a fierce head of curls is Cooper, @MBeautyJunkie's daughter. Look out world...future PJ in the making!;)
I finally got to meet Terrinique (@KurleeBelle) I love her t-shirts!

Kela and Lashawn. I'm so excited for Lashawn and her awesome haul bag of natural hair goodies!

So what did we learn that day?
1. Wake up early and be EARLY to avoid the headache of traffic!
2. Park across the street
3. Buy your tickets early to avoid that crazy purchase ticket line! Shout out to Kela! I think she learned her lesson this year;)
4. Make sure that my camera is fully charged  Buy a new damn camera.
5. I have an Android. My battery sucks and I should simply accept that lol
6. WNHS isn't JUST about the products and deals! Its about the connection that can be made with others that appreciate natural hair and are just some down right awesome people.
7. However, I did feel that some vendors took advantage of the hype of the event by charging regular prices. I won't rant but I shall direct you to @coilyheadchick's WNHS recap video for details ~~~> 2012 World Natural Hair Show Talk & Haul *whistles and walks away*
8. Last year loc styles were catching my eye but this year all the huge 'fros were making my heart race ^_^.
9. That there is a HUGE difference between traditional locs and Sisterlocks and just because a lady has locs that are thin in diameter it does NOT mean that they are Sisterlocks
10. STUDY! You know how many people I walked past and didn't recognize til I got home and got on YouTube or Blogger and realized I looked right at them! People look so different in person but I REALLY need to brush up on my YT videos and blogs before I hit the next big that I can put faces with names lol...and smh.
I will definitely be attending future shows but I will be implementing all of the things that I learned above!


Tonya said...

Sounds like an awesome day to me!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope that I can make the next one. I had a wedding to go to that weekend.

Enjoyed reading this post!

Moderne Meid said...

I enjoyed this post. I really need to make it to the next one =)

Happynappy2009 said...

Glad that you had another good time. I hope that the oyin works for you if not I will buy them(hee hee)

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