Thursday, August 9, 2012

CurlKit Monthly Review

I received my first CurlKit in June and was just as pleased with the July kit that I received earlier last month. The $20 per month subscription fee is well worth the pleasant surprises I receive monthly. However, I don't have time to do a separate review for every single product that I decide to give a chance so I decided to do grouped reviews once a month. I want to be able to use each product enough times to give an honest opinion while still leaving quality time for some of my staple products. So I will group the reviews together and note which monthly kit the product belongs to. Here goes!

Nice and Curly Winding Down Control Gel (June Kit): A little bit definitely goes a long way with this product. Originally I couldn't get over how much it looked like fluoride toothpaste lol. Has a solid but not crunchy hold, smells good and is inexpensive. I wouldn't make it my staple but its a good back up styler.

CocoCurls (July Kit) I already own this product and have used it since February and LOVE IT! Check out my review at    It's A Reeevieeew!: Coco Curls Imagine how stoked I was to open up my kit and see MORE CocoCurls! Yay! and NAWL...I'm not gonna do another  CC's giveaway...this is MINE! All mine!

U R Curly Soya Shampoo (July Kit): Came just in time! I had just finished 4 weeks of a co-washing experiment and knew it was time for a shampoo. Ive used this 3 times. The first time I followed the instructions: wet hair applied shampoo and let sit for 2 minutes (which sounded odd but I did it). My hair felt great! Wasn't stripped at all but felt nice and clean;. The next 2 times I  pre-poo'd then shampooed simply because I wanted to give my hair some extra love but I wanted to skip the DC step. So I pre-poo'd instead. Same great results. I was originally turned off by the menthol in this product and the minty smell but upon further review the smell is not overwhelming and the menthol didn't "tingle" like it usually does which is fine with me!

Ampro Olive Oil Gel (July Kit) I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. Gels are NOT my thing. I was afraid my experience with this would be the same as Eco Styler....but no, not at all. My hair wasn't hard or dried, I had some crazy curl definition (which I don't typically care about but I'm just saying....). This will be a great and cheaper back up to my staple styler! Yay!!!!

Coconut Lime Verbena Shea Whip by November Beauty: I REALLY like this! Its thick but softens up as soon as you put it in your hands and is easy to distribute through your hair. Smells like...coconut lime and plays well with other products. I already have a staple but I like to keep back ups so I will definitely be investing in a jar of this!

Twisted Sista (June Kit) I REALLY wanted to like this product but...HATED IT *Wayne's brothers voice*! I demoted it to a shaving cream.  Waste not, want not lol. No slip, smells alright but ingredients aren't stellar. Can find it almost in any store it just...I wasn't impressed. I did have to use it in an emergency last week  when I realized I was out of my staple condish. I supped up Twisted Sistah with LOTS of oil to help with slip (cause it has NONE) and called it a day.

Ampro Vitamin E Oil (June Kit): Smells syrup...?Its a blend of all natural oils and so far I've used it to seal my hair, a hot oil treatment/pre-poo, and even used it to up the anty on crappy conditioners  (see above product please)...

Honestly, overall Curlkit has proven to be a great investment for me. I get to try and learn about new products, satisfy my slight PJ needs and only spend $20 for various products versus spending $20 for a bottle of something I may or may not like. This is a great solution for newbies just trying to figure it or older naturals like my self who just want to let loose from time to time and try something new. I don't know about the rest of you but my inner Product Junkie is SATISFIED!

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